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Aut of the box – sharing autistic perspectives on inclusion
and participation

We aspire to boost engagement among individuals on the autism spectrum, empowering them and contributing to the formation of thriving autism communities. Our mission involves enhancing awareness of the autism spectrum by acquiring firsthand information and dispelling misconceptions. empowerment, and understanding!


Join us as we work towards fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and understanding!


We are looking for people

  • who want to preview our autism-manual and give feedback
  • who want to share their ideas on needed policy changes
  • interested in a survey to make our online library appealing
  • interested in online exchange with Austrian and Portuguese autistic people


As part of the project “Aut of The Box”, and within the goal of raising awareness and correcting misconceptions, we are building an autism resource library online. We would greatly appreciate your input to ensure that it meets the diverse needs of autistic individuals, their families, professionals, educators, and the wider community. What kind of content do you want to see in the online library? Which structure do you find the easiest to work with? What resources would you prefer to use? What topics are interesting to you? Let us know here!


Within the project we will produce

  1. autiebiographies – videos with the life stories of autistic people from Austria and Portugal
  2. online exchange with Austrian and Portuguese autistic people and an event in Porto
  3. policy recommendations to facilitate the lives of autistic people in Europe
  4. autism manual with generally understandable explanations of technical terms and local contact points for further help
  5. online library with an exciting collection of books, videos and films about autism

Online Exchange Sessions

In May and June, our Exchange Sessions have already taken place. These events were attended by a diverse group of people: autistic individuals who willingly shared their needs and experiences in work and school environments, providing us with valuable ideas for a more inclusive future; parents and relatives who wanted to learn about their children’s futures and contribute their own suggestions; professionals from various fields who shared ideas and experiences and listened with interest to the opinions of the affected group;
At the Online Exchange Session on May 4, 2024, on the topic “What autistic People want and need to thrive at a Job and in Employment,” the Portuguese organization APVA (represented by Barbara Bonvalot) presented the European guidelines for the employment of people on the autism spectrum and people with disabilities. The legal regulations in Austria and Portugal were also reviewed. Finally, the existing gaps were discussed, and suggestions for the following discussion were provided. After a short break, participants were divided into small groups to discuss proposals for political changes that are oriented towards the needs of the affected individuals and promote inclusion in vocational training and job searching as well as in the workplace. After another break, each group presented the results of their discussions in the plenary session. In the end, we had feedback round.
On June 4, 2024, our second Online Exchange Session took place on the topic “What autistic People want and need to succeed in School and Education.” We were delighted to see both new and familiar faces! This time, the Austrian association im spektrum (represented by Samuel Besse) gave a brief presentation on the European guidelines for the education of autistic individuals and people with disabilities. Following this, the educational systems of both countries were presented. Next, the legal guidelines and support services in Austria and Portugal were outlined. As the support services seemed to be very good, a short reality check at the end was necessary, which revealed the disappointing reality and stimulated thoughts for the upcoming small group discussions. After a short break, we met in small virtual rooms to discuss our ideas for a more inclusive education based on the needs of the affected.


im spektrum

The organisation im spektrum wants to sensitize society to the autism spectrum by expressing the myriad different perspectives brought by autistic people, their families and assisting experts. “Im spektrum” wants people to experience and understand autism as well as to sensitize visitors of the Autism-Experience-Simulation as an exhibition and a mobile workshop by switching perspectives and diving straight into the sensory, emotional and thought patterns brought on by autism. To help support the visitors in understanding more about these perspectives, they are guided through various situations interactively. Diagnostic criteria for autism, the spectrum as a whole as well as the diversity that can be found within it are discussed especially on their website. Using a collection of representations and perspectives, the organisation can question many of the preexisting stereotypes and misunderstandings.

Associação Portuguesa Voz Do Autista

Associação Portuguesa Voz do Autista is a Portuguese autistic self-advocacy non-profit organisation, with headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal, founded in 2020. It is registered as a ONGPD (ONG for people with disabilities) and has projects for support and inclusion of autistic people in their communities at a regional and national level, as well as to provide a platform for the various voices of autistic people in Portugal, acting in different areas such as healthcare, education, political participation, employment, and others. The main strategic objectives of APVA are to develop information, acceptance and advocacy in autism, partnerships to improve community support, mental health and well-being support, and inclusion and accessibility to employment and education for autistic people.

Stay informed

We publish results on our Insta-account and on this website as soon as they are ready!

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